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Top Hacking Techniques You Should Know

We have been stressing so much about cleaning and guarding websites from hackers’ attacks. But getting educated about how exactly your website or sensitive information can be hacked, after all, it’s important to know your enemy first before dealing? We assure you this interesting and useful information would help you so much in understanding hacking. So let dig deep into the several popular hacking techniques you should be aware of.


What are Common Hacking Techniques?

The most common hacking techniques are listed below, read along to get familiar with these:

1. Phishing

One of the most deceptive Hacking Techniques used in this day and age is Phishing. It’s very infamous because of the damage it has caused and rare to find anyone that doesn’t hear about the phishing attack. Nevertheless, not fewer than thousands are still getting fooled by this hacking method on a regular basis.

Phishing works with the replication of the website or any online platform with the intention of stealing money or sensitive information like your personal data which you don’t want to share with anyone except close ones. And once a person sitting on the other side of the screen (us) inserts his credit card details, for example,  someone who has launched this attack will have access to that information and will be able to use the derived information for his personal benefit. Common places where phishing attack is done on Instagram hacking and website hacking. 


2. Viruses and Hostile code

Hackers and their hacking methods can drag almost into any website and transmit in its’ database malware or embed code into the website’s rows. There is a tremendous diversity of viruses, and all may impact the endangered site adversely. But one thing we can state surely that a virus, notwithstanding its type, will not help your business in anything but this can help you with lowering your credibility and stealing your clients’ information leaving you bankrupt and with a court case. This type of hacking is usually done on school grade hacking and bank wire transfer hacking.


3. Clickjacking

This Hacking Technique is alike to phishing. But in this hacking method, a hacker would make a bogus unknown user interface. Once a person clicks the button with a purpose to proceed to a specific page, he will see himself on a strange website, normally with cheap and alarming content. You must have seen this type of activity on free movies download sites. The hacking technique is used for online games and lottery hacking as well as Apple Id track.  


4. Cookie Theft

With the sustenance of malicious software, hackers with sharp hacking methods can theft out your browser’s cookies. And those cookies hold a lot of crucial details: browsing history, credentials, and passwords. As you are smart enough, that data can also have logins and passwords to your website’s administrator’s panel which means hacker can do anything as his ill will please. This haking technology is mostly used in gathering evidence, internet marketing, phone hacking, and website hacking.


5. Denial of Service (DoSDDoS)

DDOS is an abbreviation for Distributed Denial of Service. A DDOS hacking attack is a hacking method to make a particular server crash or, in other terms, a way to smash the server. To crash or break the server hackers technology would practice bots. Those bot’s sole motive is to forward requests to the website, a trillion amount of requests. As a result, a server incapable to address all of the forwarded requests will utterly crash. The ugliest thing about this hacking technique is that a hacker can knock the server in just a fraction of time and this fraction can lead you bankrupt and in tears when you have lost all the data. Mostly practiced on WhatsApp hacking, Spy hacking, and Gmail hacking.


6. DNS spoofing

This malware is also comprehended as DNS cache poisoning. It retains that old cache data you might have neglected over the course of time.

Loopholes in the domain name order allow hacking technology to redirect movement from your website to an ill-disposed one. Furthermore, hackers can extend this attack so the contaminated DNS server will affect another DNS, and so on, it’s like a chain and can grow really long and toxic. Hacking examples for this where it is used SQL database penetration and blackmailing.

It is hard for any mortal to accept that anyone can discover and hack an exposed website in literally seconds without any particular instruments or knowledge and above all without your consent or notice. Everything a hacker needs is just your website address and rest they are smart enough to scrape whatever they need from your website or any online platform. This can be both blessing and curse. Depending on the end result, want to get a help of an official hacker to get things done in your favor? is the address where your all problems will get resolved.