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How to be a hacker in real life

This blog is not here to teach you about ethical hacking and to show practical aspects of cybersecurity and hacking? Put your reading glasses on and get into this!

This post is for the those folks:

  • Have No relation With Cybersecurity (Hacking) and never had. 
  • Have Insufficient Experience.
  • Those That Just Can’t Get A Lapse

Done with basics, let’s dive into the real deal and suggest some ideas that you can get forward in Cybersecurity.

We get two-three emails every day on “how to become a hacker” fascinating topic for every age group. “I’m a newbie in hacking, what is needed to advance my skill?”. Hacking is a proficiency that varies from person to person like art. And you must recognize that if you want to become a hacker for petty things like hacking your friend’s social media account or know more about your crush, things will go south. Driving force to learn hacking because of your passion for technology and your ambition to be a specialist in the machine.

Ethical Hacker In Real Life



First thing first, let’s just accept that maintaining ‘a Career in Cybersecurity’ is a little like stating ‘a Career in finance’, i.e. it’s a comprehensive term that includes a number of categories within the industry. In Cybersecurity we can, for instance, be specific about the choices like digital forensics as a profession, or malware/ software detecting, auditing, pen-testing, machine engineering, and many other professional tracks. Each of these mentioned names within cybersecurity warrants a dedicated written piece, but, for the persistence of this piece, let’s concentrate on how to be a hacker?

If you are fresher and have no practical knowledge about how to become a become an ethical hacker. Don’t stress out, every day is a new opportunity to learn. We ALL had to take first step somewhere, and we ALL wanted help to get where we are now. No one is operating on god-level and no one is born with all the required skills. Even this is your first writing piece about hacking, cool with us. A suggestion, in this case, is that get familiar with hacking basics and fundamentals.


1. What is hacking?

Hacking is knowing the faults and vulnerabilities of any online platform and getting entrance to it and manipulating as per will to satisfy some motive. 

Hacker gets unapproved access by the prey system while ethical hacker has lawful permission in a legal and legitimate method to pierce the security aspect of a prey system(s). We suggest you learn ethical hacking rest choice is yours where you want to use it. 

There are some categories of hackers, a bit of “terminology” to get you familiar with the hacking basics.

White hat — ethical hacker.

Black hat — standard hacker which you have read about in media, for example, Anonymous Group. They take unauthorized access.

Grey hat — a person who acquires unauthorized access but shows the vulnerability to the company.

Script kiddie — a guy with zero technical abilities just used pre-made tools to hack. Has no respect in hacker community.

Basically, the agenda of ethical hacking is to expose the arrangement’s vulnerabilities and loopholes for the client and to mend them.


2. Skills Needed To Become An Ethical Hacker Or Any Hacker You Want To Be

To become an ethical hacker you need to sharpen your mind and learn things quickly as you are going to deal with the machine need to faster than that, more precisely being disciplined and hungry for knowledge can work. Next, you need to have a solid ground knowledge of at least one coding/scripting language as well as the basics of Network and Web Security before diving into learning ethical hacking.

To become ethical hacker, follow this list:

  • Learn To Code (Programming) to communicate with the machine.
  • Grasp the fundamental concepts of the Operating System.
  • Basics of Networking and Security.
  • Markup and as many hacking technologies as you can!


3. Right Platform To Code In:-

That based on what platform you’ll be controlling on. For web purposes, HTML, PHP, JSP, and ASP is the answer. For hacking social media accounts and breaking phone’s security, hop on Java for Android phones, Swift iOS-based devices like iPhone, C# (Windows Phone). Get yourself familiar with these languages and in return, they will give you an understanding of how to start hacking.

If this was useful for you, please contact us to know more details about hacking - a step by step guide to hack anything you want, as this type of sensitive information cannot be discussed openly.